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Are you actively planning to go on a vacation to the UAE? Have you worked out the days and the amount you will be spending on the transport? You cannot travel in this magnificent city on your own or by foot, and you would require a vehicle to hop on and go sightseeing. When you land in the UAE, you will come across various companies offering you different traveling services, but keep in mind that nothing can beat our services.

We are a company famous by aclassdubai.com. We offer a fleet of various conditioned and designed vehicles to run in the scorching sun. We provide exceptional transport service whereby at the end, you will see why getting out motor is the wisest choice of all.

If you have just landed, then look no further for any tour buses, read this article to know about our services and book our car for the time of your life.




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What is a Tour Bus?

If you are fond of good traveling, you must have seen the open-top buses or a double-decker bus roaming on the popular sports of your area. These buses are convenient when you want to see the outside view on the road. Moreover, many companies use large coaches for the same purpose for long and short distances.

Generally, since UAE is a hot and sunny place, these open-top buses are not ideal for running on the streets. You would probably get a sunburn before enjoying the beaches. So, our company provides luxury buses with proper air conditioning to travel while you want the cold interior of the transit vehicle.

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Common Features:

There are some standard features that you will see in all the available tour buses.

The seats are reclining and have padded fabric in front and back for comfortable seating.

It has adjustable foot and armrests for all body types to sit comfortably.
All tour motors are equipped with entertainment appliances such as a TV, mike, and a surround sound system to listen to songs or for the tour guide to talk.
The lavatory service is a must.
A water cooler or a mini refrigerator is usually in-built to have cold water and fizzy drinks.
A wheelchair ramp that is detachable and can be stored is a necessity.
Tinted windows so you can have a nap or have a private party on board.
Luggage compartment so you can sit carefreely and freely with ample space to move around.


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Statistics of Tourism in the UAE:

The international tourist survey has revealed that the number of tourists is dramatically increasing in the UAE. The period of covid-19 might have been a drawback for people associated with this industry, but since life has returned to almost normal, the tourism sector has seen a sharp rise recently.

Tourism in 2016 was 21,049,000,000.00, which is around 7.97%higher than in previous years. And till then, the current percentage falls approximately 85%, including national and international inbound tourists.

The government has announced that the tourism sector is currently on the rise and that is one of the significant reasons we offer our value-packed services to our esteemed customers. We have a fleet of vehicles that includes coasters, Prado, luxury buses, and limousine service; you can avail and give it a go as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Don’t miss the chance of becoming a celebrity or a royalty, even for one day. The memory will last forever when you return to your home.


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When businesses provide transport for workers, they enjoy various long-term benefits. They, in turn, benefit the company by the following means:

  • Attracting the top talent.
  • Establishing a company’s reputation.
  • Promoting employee welfare and promoting the balance between work and life.
  • Enhancing the productivity of employees and improving the quality of output.

Employees who have access to transportation are more productive and less likely to seek out other opportunities, which increases motivation and retention. In addition, flexible and efficient time management schedules are possible by providing employees with transportation. In turn, this will mean that even higher

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One of the most significant advantages of providing your employees with an option to shuttle them around is that their efficiency will rise. Employees might have a long journey if they use unreliable modes of transportation. As a result, they might be exhausted, stressed, and lose enthusiasm for their job. These factors could result in lower productivity and less work done.

If your employees can use a designated shuttle for their employees, they’ll not be stressed about finding a way to get to and from work. They will feel more comfortable throughout the day and ensure a successful start to their day.

Their productivity will improve, and they’ll work with tremendous enthusiasm and energy. With more time to plan for the day, your employees can be prepared to have a better day.

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Why Are Tour Buses Popular?

If you are a frequent traveler via any mode, you know why these motors are famous. If you want to balance the cost and good service, you have come to the right place if you are the correct type of person. Here are some reasons why the humble abode is a popular choice for people in the UAE.


Cover More Routes:

The number one benefit of getting a rental vehicle for tourism is creating your itinerary. Moreover, you can adjust more routes and destinations according to your travel time and days in the UAE.

This fantastic facility is not available with other companies and local transport.


It is Cost-Efficient:

Nothing feels heavenly when you save a bunch on traveling. Hopping on and off in the public transport system will prove heavy on the pocket as you have to buy multiple tickets for the day.

Whereas, you don’t have to worry about anything when you step into the rental tour bus as all arrangements are pre-designed. In the end, it will save tons of money which you can spend on other things on the list.



There is no guarantee that the other system will arrive on time or not. Our drivers make sure that they reach the arrival point before you and wait patiently. Moreover, with multiple stops throughout the day, the bus will always wait for passengers to get on board.

Travel Together:

Whether you are an individual or traveling in a group with friends and family, the best part is that you get to enjoy the time as a group. You can talk all the way and take care of the children and elders who are with you. There is nothing better than a time well spent together rather than in separate vehicles.


Traveling is the best time to post your pictures and videos on social media. All our buses have an instant wi-fi system that you can avail of when you book our services at aclassdubai.com. It is part of the package, so it is included in the costs.

Environment friendly:

All our buses use environmentally friendly fuel. There is no smoke when the engine runs, so there is almost no carbon footprint. That is the good news for people who care about the environment and are activists.

Saves time:

The private rental buses save time rather than other modes of transport. Since you are not switching vehicles and traveling in one, you can save time which you can spend at your favorite locations or include more places in the itinerary.

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Why Should you Choose Us?

The aclassdubai.com is the best service in the UAE. Our domain office is in Dubai, but we operate in all cities of the emirates and are just a click away. Our services are given below.

We have customized buses for the number of people you are traveling with at that time. We have various coasters classified into the open roof, mid roof, and high-roof. Then there are coasters for 12 or 14 people with ample space.

If you are a large group, you can rent the luxury tour buses on the list. It has all the facilities that you can ask for at the time. Furthermore, you can ask for the best chauffeur and a tour guide, and we can gladly arrange them for you.

If you have anyone who needs special assistance, then we have got you covered. We have ramps for wheelchairs and a space in front to keep it safe.


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To Sum Up:

Tourism is vital when you think of the economy. Many countries like the UAE have invested a hefty amount in this industry. Keep in mind that sustainable tourism will result in people coming back for more.

In place of this, aclassdubai.com has made a mark. We are a leading company that provides all rental vehicles that you can hire according to the occasion. Especially when you are a tourist, traveling in a good motor will not only revitalize your soul, but your body as well because a tiring journey is not enjoyable at all. Check out our facilities and services available when you land here. For your convenience, we also have the airport pickup, so you can pre-book our services and leave the rest to us.

The tour buses are all in good condition, and we assure you that you won’t regret getting our services for the tour de UAE. so go ahead and talk to one of our representatives regarding the details.


Our bus services for staff focus on quality, safety, and reliability for our customers. We offer safe and reliable charter services with extremely sturdy vehicles. We make sure that your employees arrive at their place of work and return to their homes safely and without delay 24 hours all week long. To inquire about Staff bus service in Dubai, get in touch with Aclassdubai.