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The UAE is one of the most incredible places to visit these days. The cultural attraction, two great cities, namely Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the golden dunes, and the opulent buildings are only a few attractions that attract thousands of tourists worldwide each year. Moreover, the skyscrapers and the land on water are other fantasies many people look for on tour.

If you do not fall in the tourist category, you must be a resident in one of the glorious cities of this good land. You may be the CEO of a company, the owner, or the labor who works hard to relax at the end of the day.

You need a vehicle to visit places no matter what you do. If you cannot drive, the next thing is to go for a rental car. Look at the 30-seater coaster hire service that we offer at aclassdubai.com.




No : 1

Specifications of this Vehicle:

The 30-seater coaster is high in demand as spacious and reliable. It is a medium build, but you would know why it is the best bus to hire if you look at the specifications.

  • Let’s look at the safety features first. The front seats have seat belts as the people driving with others in front have a high. chance of fatal injuries in case of any accidents. Moreover, there is a fire extinguisher in each vehicle in any emergency. There is a tall mount lamp if you want to see anything in the dark.
  • Now step to the luxurious interiors. There is a surround-sound audio system. An air conditioner unit that can turn into a heater in winters, a power steering, and a folding center door come with a buzzer.
  • The exterior has laminated glass for the ultimate protection. It has rear and front lights as well.
  • This bus has a dual engine that can run on both diesel and petrol. Additionally, the company has space for cylinders if you need the bus on gas.
  • The machine has a power of 135 hp, meaning a high-speed engine.
  • Moreover, there are mudguards and a third brake light for any emergency brakes so that there is less chance of collision with other cars.
  • This vehicle comes in standard colors, but you can repaint the bus in any color you want.
  • The bus’s body is quite strong and can withstand collisions unless extreme; the passengers will be safe. The body will take all the jerks so you can travel safely.
  • The air conditioner is mounted on each seat, so you don’t have to worry about sitting on the bus in summer. You can adjust the speed and move the flaps to the side for maximum cool air

Keeping these specifications in mind, the company has built this fantastic vehicle that can run far and wide destinations. There is room for small bags to carry with you, so it is best for offices, events, and tours.

No : 2

Why Hire this Vehicle?

The 30-seater bus hire is impressive for a seamless trip. There are various reasons why this bus is the number one choice. Some of the facts are given below.

  • It is excellent if you are traveling in a group. You all can hop on this bus together rather than renting multiple vehicles to divide the members.
  • Going to places means having fun all the way. On the bus, you can enjoy talking or even playing games which is excellent for social networking.
  • If your child is a student, then we have this bus for the same purpose. We will pick and drop your child at the destination without any delays.
  • Some companies need vehicles to pick the labor daily. Renting this vehicle means all delivery is present and on board for the day’s work.
  • It is said that people who go to the office keep an eye on sharing a ride. It saves time and the hassle of driving and parking near the office area. The bus service is the most convenient as you have to pre-book the ride.
  • You can buy the travel plans available on our website at aclasdubai.com. There are variations in weekly, monthly, half-yearly, and yearly goals, 
  • which you can tailor to your needs.
  • Book this bus for the most enjoyable moments you can endure if you are a tourist. We can provide trained and certified chauffeurs, so you don’t have to worry about catching the local transport every few hours.

Traffic in the UAE is a different story altogether. With increasing cars and public transport on the road, there is a certainty that you will be stuck in the traffic. Traveling in peak hours is a nightmare for many, so renting this bus is better than driving and getting a parking spot.


No : 3

Our Services:

We have an excellent wide range of vehicles to never run out of space. Our numerous 30-seater buses are running all around the state, so you check the reviews and talk to fellow travelers before you give the final call.

To Sum Up

Aclassdubai.com is one of the finest companies that provide services at par with others. Our trained staff makes sure that you have all the necessities whether you travel daily or rent the bus for a few days. So, give us a call and avail of the discounts we have mentioned on the website. Enjoy the travel experience with us and have good memories for a lifetime.