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Are you a frequent traveler? Do you want to go on a sightseeing spree in this glorious state? All this can happen if you understand the requirements of traveling. You need a ticket to the local transport because that would significantly affect the budget. But it would be best if you had a proper rental vehicle arrangement to visit the popular spots.

Numerous companies offer their services in hiring the automobile of your choice. In this regard, aclassdubai.com is one of the finest and most well-known companies in this profession. We have a fleet of unique cars, coasters, and buses that are all up to date, well-conditioned, and come with trained drivers.

No matter your requirements, the 50-seater bus hire is the top choice that you would see among others. The UAE is well known for its massive traffic, especially in peak hours, so it is wise to travel in a rented vehicle rather than a personal car. Moreover, there are other benefits that you would reap once you step into the world of rental cars. You can hire motors if you want to feel like a celebrity.

Currently, this bus has enormous demand in the market. So let us browse through this article to find out why.




No : 1

Why Would People Hire a Bus?

Cutting-edge technology has given us the benefits of judgment. Though there is internet to help you make a timely decision, there are other factors you should keep in mind as to why people would go for a charter bus rather than other local transport,

  • Have a Safe Journey:
    Recent statistics released by the transport authority in the UAE reveal that most fatal accidents happen when driving in a car and then an airplane. In this regard, traveling on the bus is one form of the safest journey as the drivers are trained to drive slow and steady. Moreover, each driver must follow the traffic rules and adhere to their trained expertise to guide. With that, they keep a strict eye on the weather conditions and the forecast so advise you to travel accordingly.


  • A Stress-Free Ride:
    Traveling can be adventurous but highly stressful if you are in the driver’s seat. The traffic of the UAE is not easy to survive, especially in peak hours, and it can take hours to reach the destination.

    So, if you charter a bus, all you have to do is sit and relax and let the driver do his work. You do not have to worry about navigation, roadblocks, and traffic on highways/motorways.


  • It Fits the Travel Needs:
    These buses are highly versatile to use. You might be residing in a remote and far-off area where the other transport is nearly inaccessible, and you have to walk far. It makes going anywhere dreadful. But it is not the same in rental service. The bus can reach anywhere, giving you pick and drop at the doorstep. Getting across the city or town is tiring, but not in the bus where you travel in luxury in the reclining seats.


  • Environmentally Friendly:
    The term traveling indicates vehicles emitting large amounts of carbon dioxide. Hiring multiple cars is not an excellent idea for nature if you are a group and need to travel. Whereby, in the bus, you all are together, and only one vehicle is on the road. The result is that you can have a peaceful journey.

No : 2

Is It Pocket Friendly?

The 50-seater bus hire has collective benefits. Looking at the bright side, you are saving loads of money because you are spending on the bus fare only. You do not have to worry about fuel, vehicle maintenance, spare parts, and other expenses.

On the bright side, you can spend the saved amount on other necessities while you travel. Book a luxury bus and proceed like royalty. For this, you can check out travel plans written on our website at aclassdubai.com. You can choose various programs, and if none works out, we can tailor something up for you.

Keep in mind that the costs will automatically reduce as the amount is distributed among the members in the vehicle.

  • Conditions Of Hiring the Bus:

    Many companies are providing rental services. But it is the sole duty of the traveler to check the terms and conditions before signing any papers for rental assistance.

    Here are some of the factors you should keep in mind.


  • Check for Amenities:

    Usually, most chartered buses have all the necessities, but there are times when the company can send a broken bus, and there are no basic amenities. So always check the bus personally and make sure that the company only sends what you have booked.


  • See the Condition:

    Reliable companies have a reputation for sending the best buses to their customers. Still, it is better to check the condition of the bus, which includes seats and windows, to see if nothing is broken. If you miss it, the company can add the cost to your agreement.


  • Hours of Service:

    Drivers can drive for a few hours only as they are humans also. They also need rest, so talk to the service providers about the driver’s shifts and schedule. That will suffice as an initial idea about the health and mental condition of the drivers.


  • Safety Record:

    Entrusting your safety to a stranger is not a very clear idea at first, especially if someone is driving you to your destination daily. Ask about their safety record and ask for documents on the road and any accidents if they have any part of it.

No : 3

Renting Other Vehicles VS 50-Seater:

If you are fond of traveling, then you will observe that many people do not take their vehicles while going out. Usually, local transport is the best way, but when renting a bus, it is the first choice of all. Here are the reasons why it is.

The rental buses have a seating capacity of more than 40 people. It is why people book it prior so that they can travel together. If you have to travel daily for work reasons, not taking a personal car is best. The driver will see about the pick and drop and avoid the rush hours.

Children love to travel with their friends. It is why you will see many school buses packed with kids of all ages. It has a driver and a conductor who will take care of the children while onboard.

Families who stay together are exceptional. The joy of chit-chat and having fun leaves an everlasting impression, especially when you do not have to walk in the scorching heat of the UAE. Rental buses are available for all occasions. There is no time limit while you ride, so enjoy the complete package while you can. It is available for staff and hotel transfers and has ample space for luggage.

Here you can include taxi and metro services. All these are reliable in their way, but you have to take care of the timing, so you do not have to wait for the next train to arrive.

Taxis prove pretty expensive, especially when you are a group of 5 and more. Hiring multiple options is not wise financially. Taxi service is not available in remote areas, so there is no other option but for alternate means. Only four people or less can travel in the taxi, dividing the group which might get boring.


No : 4

To Sum Up

Having all the extra information regarding your trip will prove beneficial in the long run. No matter what different companies tell you, always go for the reliable and well-known one. The aclassdubai.com is the one company with extensive experience in the transport field.

We strive towards excellence only, which is why our popularity. So, give us a call and book an appointment with us to see the vehicle for yourself and then book the travel plans. We assure you that you will come back to book our services for other days once you travel with us.

Our head office is in Dubai, making it easy to visit for everyone. But if you are not a resident here, you can talk to any of our representatives on the phone.