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In some cases, our family and friends will join us on a trip away for the weekend. We’ll also be working on a business trip with our coworkers. The best thing you can do for a trip like this in Dubai is a 15 seater bus hire. Minibuses are the best and cheapest way to get many people to and from a certain place. If you need to go somewhere, we have a licensed driver ready to go with you.

Suppose you want to rent a luxury or cheap 15-seater bus. Yes, you’re in the right place. The 15-seater bus in Dubai is a popular people mover minibus made by the Japanese brand Toyota. In general, it is a modern version of the 1-box van that places a high value on style, comfort, and adaptability.

It comes in both a long and a short wheelbase version. The range goes from a practical commuter to a luxurious wide-body van. It is used in the hotel industry, at the airport, and as a school bus.




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Because we're the Best

Our goal is to protect you and provide you with a quick service. The bus has a very good air conditioner and a very classy drive. For example, you can use a 15-seater minibus for a school event, a trade show, a wedding, tourism, and transportation to and from the airport. If you use School Bus Transportation Service, you can ensure that your child will be safe and on time. They will arrive on time and in an organic-friendly bus.

Aclassdubai is the most well-known and has been chosen by many tourism companies for the most popular tours. We have a team of experts who have worked on vacation plans for big businesses and are happy to plan big events for small to large flake group travel emulsion. Besides, we also offer combined fleet solutions.

Planning the best day out may seem like a big job with so many things to do in Dubai. We are here to take the work out of finding the best things to do, sights to see, tours to go on, and more in Dubai. Families, couples, and business travelers may be looking for the best thing to do in Dubai so that they can make good memories with our best services.

People in Dubai live in a place where the weather is very hot, so they need a high-level way to get around with all the comforts. With Driver Corporation, we’re the best 14-seater minibus rental in Dubai. We’ll help you find all of Dubai’s beauty in the best way possible.


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There is a Comparison of Bus Rental Rates Here.

Aclassdubai gives you everything you need and the prices for each thing you need and want to do. Our prices change from time to time and are based on what we need. If you’re going to go on a tour of Dubai, we can give you a discount on the price. RTA Dubai doesn’t have any say in our fees. Many people are competing for business in this country because it is growing so quickly. The market sets these prices because of this. If you want to rent a bus, the prices are a little more than those in other parts of the UAE. Rental prices in Dubai are also not the same as anywhere else. Our price is not set, but about 80% of the same costs. During our Dubai sightseeing tours, we have 15-seater luxury buses. We also have buses for the Burj Khalifa and the Burj Al Arab tours. There are luxury buses for the Global Village Tour and the Miracle Garden Tour that can hold up to 50 people.

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Why do People Like us?

The Aclass Dubai Bus Service in Dubai and all over the country can be hired for a set amount of time. Over the years, we’ve met the needs of businesses, schools, restaurants, and business trips. It doesn’t matter if you need a bus for work or for your kids to go to school. We are a trusted bus rental company in Dubai.

We have a lot of vehicles with different seating capacities so that we can get people where they need to go. When you rent a bus from us, you can choose whether you want a driver or not. It makes us a reliable and professional bus rental company.


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Why Choose a Minibus instead of a Car or Train?

In this case, trains or local buses won’t do. It would be best if you took high-ranking people with you on these other modes of transportation. Similarly, a car with limited seats is not a good choice. The best thing to do is hire a minibus because it has enough room for 12-14 people to sit down simultaneously, along with space for their luggage and other luxurious things.

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Hire a Mini Bus to get more Benefits.

A Minibus is the best way to go on a road trip, especially when there is a group. There are going to be a lot of people who are excited about nature on these trips. Road trips are a great way to make memories, and they also let you stay where you want. A minibus is a good way to get around.

  • When you don’t have to deal with stress while traveling, this is a good thing
    On minibus trips, there is no need to get there hours early. A few seconds before the departure time is enough time to put the gear away and get in the car. That means you don’t have to wait for hours to get to the pick-up point and then drive.

    Another thing to note is that transportation should not worry about traffic or leaving, because an expert driver is in charge of getting the bus there.


  • Comfort and Fun
    Buses are completely adapted to the needs of the people who use them. Some minibuses have 15, 18, or 20 seats, and others have 35 or 50 seats. They also have a leaning-back chair with collapsible armrests or cushioned heads so that the traveler can enjoy their trip without stress. They have refrigerators to keep drinks, a DVD player, radio, CD, PA system, and a trunk for their clothes and other things. The cooling system also holds the temperature in the car stable and clean so that you can breathe clean air at all times. Also, for people who want to spend their time reading, working, or studying, there is an individual reading light for them.


  • Hire a Minibus, and you can Save Money.
    Hiring a minibus may seem like a pricey way to get around, but it’s very cheap, especially if you’re going with many people. You can save a lot of money by renting a minibus. Even though it will cost you more to hire a minibus with a driver, it will give you a lot of extra benefits that will make your trip more fun.

    During a day trip, it can be very easy to spend a lot of money on different types of public transportation. That is especially true if you want to go to many other places. With a driver, you can rent a minibus for the whole day at a low price.


  • When you Hire a Minibus, you can make your Trip more Fun.
    A minibus means that your whole group will be together instead of going to different places in different cars. With the stresses of the journey removed, it means that you can sit back and enjoy the trip to your destination. Enjoy a journey with more legroom, more space for your things, and a better time with your group.


  • Allows you to make changes in the plan
    It’s best for people who can change their plans so that they can go on trips that are more exciting, memorable, and fun to hire a minibus. As what we plan can’t be done correctly, we don’t do it. A two-day trip can be changed to four or even five days, which is very exciting. Public transportation doesn’t let us make our trips as unique as we want them to be. So, what does it mean to go on vacation when you have to stay at home?


  • Adaptable to the Weather
    Hire a minibus for your trip, and you don’t have to worry about getting to the airport, finding a taxi, or changing buses. You don’t have to walk long distances or walk to get to a certain place. As a minibus can easily get through narrow streets, it will drop you off right where you want to be.

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Minibus rental in Dubai is the best way to get around, whether you’re in the city or on the highway. Our minibus for rent in Dubai has roomy seats, air-conditioning, and a lot of legroom.

People who know a lot about the business are on our team. We understand how important it is for our customers to have a reliable, cost-effective, and comfortable way to get around. Our minibus service is run by some of the best drivers in the area. They have a lot of experience with all kinds and models of minibusses and can drive them all.

If you want to get around cleanly and safely, we can help. For your convenience, we offer free 24-hour online reservations and clear prices. Best Bus Rental Rates, too.