Bus Rental in Sharjah

Bus Rental in Sharjah

Living in Sharjah has its perks, and one of them is traveling. Numerous people regularly travel from Sharjah to Dubai and other cities to reach their workplace, proving pretty hectic for them. For this, many prefer bus rental in Sharjah as their primary mode of travel as the company provides many benefits which suit the individual needs.

If you peek into the rental companies' policies, you will see many hidden charges, but we at aclassdubai.com offer only transparent fares with all top-of-the-class amenities right at your footstep. We have a fleet of special buses which are all good for travel, long or short distance and we make sure to give you service that makes you come back for more.

If you have recently moved to Sharjah and are not sure how to commute, this is the right article for you. So read along and get the travel benefits you always wanted.

Statistics of Traffic in Sharjah:

Sharjah stands second when it comes to traffic congestion after Dubai. There are various other problems due to high traffic on roads such as life-taking accidents. It is one of the main reasons people rapidly switch towards rental services.

Moreover, many do not own a vehicle and are always on the lookout to share a ride. And if you know, some people give services to pick and drop children living nearby. To avoid any inconvenience because of the traffic in Sharjah, especially in peak hours, renting a bus is the only reasonable option that you have.

In recent years, the decrease in traffic has happened as many companies offer vehicles for rent. The government dramatically emphasizes people to travel safely, and hence, traveling together is one of the options that can achieve the target.

Why do People Prefer Rental Services?

There are numerous reasons people prefer to rent a bus rather than drive themselves. Some of the obvious reasons are below.

1.    It is Safe:

There are times when a person feels sleepy behind the wheels. Then the chances of getting into a fatal accident increase trifold. Hence, to travel safely and avoid any incidents, it is better to rent a bus and take a nap in the morning or when you are returning to your home.

2.    Cheap to Travel:

If you calculate the statistics, traveling through rental service proves cheap at the end of the monthly plan. Stepping into a taxi and metro means you need to change the model if you travel in the suburbs. At the same time, the rental bus will drop you at the right spot.

3.    Easily Accessible:

The bus rental in Sharjah is one of the best rental options you will find for easy access. There are times when you may not be able to board other modes of transport, there the bus is an excellent choice. No matter where you are at the moment, your bus driver will pick you up if it's in the travel plan.

4.    Save Finance:

Since you may not own a vehicle at this step, you are saving a lot because you are not investing in maintenance and vehicle insurance. Here, you only have to give a fare and travel in luxury without any other worries. You can save the primary capital and use it somewhere else.

Moreover, you don't have to pay any toll taxes or parking charges, so actually, you will be saving a lot at the end of the month.

Comparison of Rental Services with Public Transport:

Always keep a few questions in mind when you compare all options. You need to price out the trips and then expenses and then take the final decision.

If you are a savvy traveler, you must spend lots of hours calculating the pros and cons of all traveling modes. So, we have listed a few of both categories to make the task easier.

Rent a bus



Other modes


1.    Easy to board.

2.    Accessible.

3.    Best to travel for all age groups.

4.    Time is not an issue.

5.    It will give you pick and drop anywhere.

6.    Rent a vehicle service is for all occasions.

7.    Travel intercity or outside.


1.    There are no disadvantages to hiring a rental service.


1.    It runs most of the time.

2.    It covers all mainland areas.

3.    Do not worry about being stuck in traffic.

4.    Avoid all rush lanes.

5.    Getting a monthly plan is possible.


1.    It may not run in all areas, especially suburbs.

2.    You may miss the metro if you get late.

3.    Fares increase with time.


1.    Drop a call any time.

2.    Many drivers are not available at odd times.

3.    You can travel as an individual passenger.

4.    Hire the same taxi to avoid inconvenience.


1.    This service can halt due to extreme weather conditions such as rainy days.

2.    High prices mean fewer people traveling in it.


1.    Can travel together with friends and family.

2.    See natural views and scenery along the way.







1, all other modes depend on a need, and the government will make them operational.


Ask yourself if you need to do multiple stops? Are you traveling alone or with a group? Are you traveling at odd hours? What is your location, and the most important is, are you traveling to congested areas? All these questions will determine the end choice you opt for yourself.

Benefits of Traveling in a Rental Bus:

If you break down the benefits into two sections, you would probably better understand why renting a bus is the best option when you travel in Sharjah. Let's take a look at both options here.

1.    As an Individual:

Going to places by yourself usually proves quite expensive if traveling alone. The metro fares are higher, and you have to take care of the time. Furthermore, if you hire a taxi, you would be paying for four people instead of one because you are commuting alone.

2.    Are you Traveling in a Group?

You will see many tourists in Sharjah and notice that you will see them in pairs or a group. As mentioned, traveling alone is expensive, so the next option is to travel in a group.

For both options, renting a bus is the best. The primary reason is that you would be traveling with fellow companions only, and no strangers will board as you rent it for yourself.

The other benefit is when you are a resident and travel with the same people daily. You make friends, and who knows, you are traveling in a company's rental bus service, which means sharing a ride and starting work as you go. For all these reasons, the bus rental in Sharjah is the only option that would save you the hassle.

 The Best Rental Service in Sharjah:

After reading the article, you would be wondering which is the best rental bus service provider in Sharjah? Keep it forward; look for aclassdubai.com on the internet. You will find our stream of services and the fleet of buses which are all up to date and have the latest technology you would ask for then and there.

We work for corporate channels giving your company the priority you always wanted. You can rent our bus to go on corporate business meetings, transfer laborers, and give employees a pick and drop service.

Next, we have buses for tourism. You can visit the desert safari, wonders of the mall, and other city areas where you can experience the unique sights and sounds the UAE offers to all. With that, if you are a resident, then you can book our motor for birthday bashes, marriage ceremonies, and for all other occasions deemed necessary to you.

Last but not least, we specialize in the category of educational institutes. You can send your little ones on the rental vehicle to their desired schools, colleges, and universities, considering that we provide the safest journey in luxury.

Key Takeaways:

If you are still wondering whether you have made the best choice of renting a vehicle for yourself and your family, then be assured that you have made the best decision ever. Our fleet of buses with designated certified drivers makes sure that you travel smoothly in all conditions.

All our buses have superb air conditioning units for summers and heaters for winter. Our seats are all reclining so you can take a nap and have ample leg space for older people to sit easily. If you need extra assistance for special needs people, we provide that. For wheelchairs, we have ramps to board and extra space to keep them in the vicinity.

Give us a call on the numbers listed on the website at aclassdubai.com, and talk to one of our representatives asking for bus rental in Sharjah for all occasions. Always check out our travel plans to commute daily and benefit from the monthly, bi-monthly, and yearly plans, which can save a ton on your finances. So don't wait long; we are just a click and a phone call away.