Bus and Car Rental


 Various multinational and national companies in the UAE provide bus and car rental services to their customers. But only a few companies are at par with their services. If you look around you, you will quickly notice that most people hire buses and other vehicles from aclassdubai.com. It is so because we provide excellent services in terms of traveling.

If you have never had any experience traveling in a rented vehicle, it is the best time to utilize our services. This article will exactly tell you why and the types of services we offer to all our esteemed travelers.

Before we move on, let us look at some general information necessary to know before you board any of our vehicles. All the news revolves around traveling in the UAE to be relevant and legal. 

Why Does the UAE Have A Lot Of Rental Vehicles?   

The rent a motor idea started in the UAE in the early 1900s. It began with renting a bike, and the industry grew popular enough to add more vehicles to the said services. As the economy grew, the UAE stood 5th among the fastest-growing areas according to financial terms. But there are loads of other valid reasons why renting a vehicle is the best option people opt for in this century.

1.    Remarkable for Short Travels:

Here, short travel means traveling to other cities in a luxury vehicle. When you travel in any luxury bus or a car, time flies. It is fun and convenient as you don't have to worry about changing lanes and getting a good sleep before you hop onto the driver's seat.

2.    Alternate to your Vehicle:

We highly recommend traveling in one of our buses or cars as your car may break down or get into an accident while driving. The hassle of calling for insurance and the tow will take a toll on you. So why go through all the difficulty when you only have to board the bus and car rental vehicle and let the chauffeur worry about the other things

3.    License:

UAE follows strict terms and conditions to get a driving license which is not easy. So, the next option is to choose our service and travel anywhere you want.

4.    Traffic:

The traffic in UAE has risen to a trifold over the past few years. If you are stuck somewhere out of reach, then there is a chance that you have to close the engine and wait for the congestion to clear. The process is quite tiring when you go through the same routine daily. Hence, many people find it easy to reach destinations in a rented car or bus.


Who Can Avail the Service?  

Aclassdubai.com offers services to all its esteemed customers, whether you are a teenager going to school or college or a youngster who wants to travel to university for further studies.

We also offer our services to people who travel daily to the offices and warehouses. Moreover, many companies have hired our buses to travel to work for the labour unions.

Furthermore, if you are a tourist, you can rent any vehicle from our fleet. We will provide the best driver who can take you to all famous places with the itinerary in mind.

What Kinds of Vehicles Are Better for Rent?   

Road tripping can be a fantastic experience if you know where to go and which vehicle to take. UAE has one of the finest and the most advanced infrastructure, including massive interchanges and superhighways, which makes driving an unforgettable memory.

To gain this extraordinary memory, hire one of the buses and car rental vehicles listed below.

1.    The Lexus ES 350 is the best performance vehicle ranking among the luxury fleet. It has advanced features such as touchscreen integration and exceptional audio technology, and it is the hybrid engine that makes the performance even better. The sleek design and elegant features will surely catch your eyes.

2.    The Toyota Previa is a minibus that is not a mini motor. It has a giant multi-functional steering wheel with a touchscreen display, and it can detect a pedestrian and a collision and give a prior warning. It is also a hybrid variant, running smoothly on all roads.

3.    The Toyota Prado is the ultimate land cruiser for all customers if you go to the sun-drenched desert safari and the sand dunning. It is an SUV-type wagon and is comfortable for a day-to-day ride. The body is extra tough hence is suitable for long-distance travel.

4.    The Toyota Land cruiser is another option for travel in style. The specifications are the same as Prado, so choose what best suits you.

5.    Then comes our fleet of buses where we have minibusses, coasters, and luxury buses where you will have reclining seats, Air conditioning units running high, and ample storage space to carry your office bags.

You can visit our website anytime for detailed information and create the travel plan you want.

Advantages Of Renting a Vehicle:   

There are many multi-benefits when you rent a vehicle; we have listed a few for you to read.

1.    Cut Down costs:

Whenever you rent a vehicle, you save a lot in finance. Since you don't own a car, you don't need to maintain anything or buy new items and spare parts for it. That is one of the reasons people travel via rented motors and save for later.

2.    Travel in a Group:

Another benefit is traveling in small or large groups with your family, friends, and colleagues. It is better than sitting alone while you make new acquaintances when traveling with different lots.

3.    No Need for Insurance:

If there is no car, there is no danger of accidents or the hi-jacked vehicle. You do not need to buy insurance policies for the car, which means a pocket-friendly ride every time you hop into the rented motor.

4.    No Early Commute:

When you go via the local transport, you have to wake up early to catch the metro or get a taxi. That is not an issue with the rental plans, as since you have a seat booked under your name, the driver usually stops for a few minutes or so to get to the pick-up point.

5.    One to One Seat:

Unlike other systems, you travel as one seat per person to rent a vehicle. No other passengers are waiting for you to stand or the same goes for you. Sit when you board the bus or a car and relax while the driver takes you to the drop point.

6.    Pick and Drop:

Unlike other forms, the company provides confirmed pick and drop points where you can wait for the vehicle to arrive.

7.    Alternate Available:

If the transport vehicle breaks down for any reason, there is always another waiting in line to come and pick you up. You don't need to look to yourself for alternate means.

Services We Provide as a Company:  

We excel in the top three benefits of the UAE.

1.    Corporate:

Traveling in a corporate class has its perks. You will get the top chauffeur with the best vehicle you can afford. Moreover, we make your travel easier by smooth rides, and you can call us anytime for a quick pick up and drop off. Our staff is amicable to create your itinerary according to your chosen travel plan.

You can hire us to go to exhibitions, malls, hotels, and airport transfers, and rest assured we are here for all occasions as per your demand.

2.    Desert Safari:

Who doesn't love to go to the desert safari in UAE? It is a lifetime opportunity, and you have to rent a vehicle to go there. We can organize the tour with all the necessities that meet international standards. You can also go to high dunes and enjoy the surf. You can ride a camel, sit near the blazing bonfire and eat delicious native foods. The four-wheel-drive will leave an enchanting enchantment on your life, so do not wait for the opportunity; in fact, create one while you still can.

3.    Schools and College Bus Service:

There is nothing better than children going to educational institutes safely. You do not have to drive them when they travel in our motors. We use all the high-tech features for safety and security, such as CCTV cameras and safety jackets under each seat so that children can ride safely. Our drivers always keep the cars and buses clean, so your child can travel in a healthy environment.

Is It Pocket Friendly?   

If you calculate the collective benefits, it is the best way to save money. You'll Save much on insurance, spare parts, and fuel which collectively makes a more considerable amount at the end of the year. You need to buy our travel plan only and be at the pick and drop point at the given time.

 Key Takeaways:

Bus and car rental in the UAE was never easy as it is now. You can travel all day long to different locations and the storage space you want. No matter which field of the working class you belong to, we at aclasdubai.com cater to all and make sure that you receive the service you have signed up for at the time.

Our office is in Dubai, but we provide services to all cities of the UAE, such as Sharjah, Al Ain, Ajman, etc., so book any of our vehicles and step onboard without any second thoughts.